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Discounted Proton Gun Body

Discounted Proton Gun Body

On sale $60.00
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Part Number:18-2

Choose Options

Rear handle, Front Knub And stream adjuster tower welded on [+$40.00]
Lever rod Holes [+$0.40]
Big side knob hole [+$0.20]
Heat sink holes (works best with our heatsinks) [+$0.80]
Top Vents [+$2.00]
Arcolectric Light hole [+$0.20]
Hat light Hole [+$0.20]
Clippard Holes [+$0.60]
Front knob hole [+$0.20]
Shelf Hat light Hole [+$0.20]
Front cylinder hole [+$0.20]
Side Disc holes [+$0.40]
Hole Between Side disc [+$0.20]
Instrument bar holes [+$0.90]
Rear cylinder holes [+$0.90]
Toggle switch holes [+$0.40]
Rear handle Hole [+$0.20]
Door Mount holes [+$1.00]
Gun Track Holes [+$0.20]
V-Hook Holes [+$0.20]
No vent hole
Movie Accurate cut out(.3" x 1.44") [+$2.00]
Small cut out (.125" x 1") [+$2.00]
Custom (add to notes section) [+$5.00]
Knub Hole
9 & 12 Postion [+$0.20]
10.5 & 12 Postion [+$0.20]
Custom Hole Placement (Add to notes section) [+$0.20]
No Holes
Front Lip Features
A: Stock (hard edges no curves)
B: Hero (curve with pinch) [+$2.00]
Base Features
C: stock (no cruves)
D: Hero (cruve on the bottom of the gun) [+$2.00]
E: Close Fit (curve is added to the bottom cover) [+$2.00]
Bottom cover screws [+$1.50]
Custom Mods
Side heat sink cut out [+$8.00]
These Proton gun bodys are discounted body's, they do have defects, while we try and clean them up as much as possible they are not perfect, most defects include body be slightly leaned, or measurements skewed a little. ) Constructed from aluminum CNC, cut and Tig welded together.
99% of people that order a discount body find it hard to believe it was a discount body)

From there you can add options to make it the way you want.
Options include:
- Holes
     Pilot Holes drilled for Multiple Hole locations options
- Bar graph Cut the way you want
- Top vents cut out
- Knub screw location:
     Option A: is set up for 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock position
     Option B: is set up for 10:30 and 12:30 positions Option
     Option C: is to leave the knub untouched so the buyer can set up the holes as they see fit
- Welded on rear handle(full weld all the way around), knub and stream adjuster neck
- Front lip Options:
    Option A: Stock version (no curve)
    Option B: Hero version (front lip has a curve and pinch)
- Base Options
    Option C: Stock version (no curve on the bottom)
    Option D: Hero Accurate (curve on the bottom of the gun)
    Option E: Close fit (curve is added to the base plate, so there is no gap)
- Custom Mods
    Side heat sink cut out (not movie accurate but cool if you want a access area behind your heat sink or want to weight a fraction less)

You can view examples of the options and locations in the Image Gallery.

Wanting to have a custom gun body done to your own measurements? Or a special feature such as maybe you want a left handed gun set up? Just click contact us and fill out the form and we will start talking about your project.