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Metal Proton Gun Body

Metal Proton Gun Body

Your Price: $100.00
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Part Number:18

Choose Options

Rear handle, Front Knub And stream adjuster tower welded on [+$40.00]
Lever rod Holes [+$0.40]
Big side knob hole [+$0.20]
Heat sink holes (works best with our heatsinks) [+$0.80]
Top Vents [+$2.00]
Arcolectric Light hole [+$0.20]
Hat light Hole [+$0.20]
Clippard Holes [+$0.60]
Front knob hole [+$0.20]
Shelf Hat light Hole [+$0.20]
Front cylinder hole [+$0.20]
Side Disc holes [+$0.40]
Hole Between Side disc [+$0.20]
Instrument bar holes [+$0.90]
Rear cylinder holes [+$0.90]
Toggle switch holes [+$0.40]
Rear handle Hole [+$0.20]
Door Mount holes [+$1.00]
Gun Track Holes [+$0.20]
V-Hook Holes [+$0.20]
No vent hole
Movie Accurate cut out(.3" x 1.44") [+$2.00]
Small cut out (.125" x 1") [+$2.00]
Custom (add to notes section) [+$5.00]
Knub Hole
9 & 12 Postion [+$0.20]
10.5 & 12 Postion [+$0.20]
Custom Hole Placement (Add to notes section) [+$0.20]
No Holes
Front Lip Features
A: Stock (hard edges no curves)
B: Hero (curve with pinch) [+$2.00]
Base Features
C: stock (no cruves)
D: Hero (cruve on the bottom of the gun) [+$2.00]
E: Close Fit (curve is added to the bottom cover) [+$2.00]
Bottom cover screws [+$1.50]
Custom Mods
Side heat sink cut out [+$8.00]
Constructed from aluminum CNC, cut and Tig welded together.
The base price is $ 100.00 which is the proton gun body and base plate.

From there you can add options to make it the way you want.
Options include:
- Holes
     Pilot Holes drilled for Multiple Hole locations options
- Bar graph Cut the way you want
- Top vents cut out
- Knub screw location:
     Option A: is set up for 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock position
     Option B: is set up for 10:30 and 12:30 positions Option
     Option C: is to leave the knub untouched so the buyer can set up the holes as they see fit
- Welded on rear handle(full weld all the way around), knub and stream adjuster neck
- Front lip Options:
    Option A: Stock version (no curve)
    Option B: Hero version (front lip has a curve and pinch)
- Base Options
    Option C: Stock version (no curve on the bottom)
    Option D: Hero Accurate (curve on the bottom of the gun)
    Option E: Close fit (curve is added to the base plate, so there is no gap)
- Custom Mods
    Side heat sink cut out (not movie accurate but cool if you want a access area behind your heat sink or want to weight a fraction less)

You can view examples of the options and locations in the Image Gallery.

Wanting to have a custom gun body done to your own measurements? Or a special feature such as maybe you want a left handed gun set up? Just click contact us and fill out the form and we will start talking about your project.