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Pop Mech

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Pop mech Main parts
Pop Tube [+$20.00]
Pop Catch [+$25.00]
Rubber bands
Spring [+$5.00]
inner clear tube Support [+$5.00]
Lever rod - Steel [+$8.00]
Lever rod - Brass [+$10.00]
Other seller inner master tube upgrade
Other seller inner master tube upgrade (only select if your sending us your inner master tube to mod) [+$10.00]
This is the second version of our pop mech, (this kit works best with our inner master tubes, its the only way we can promise a perfect fit)
Note: (this kit is not recommended for a tcv3 body, this kit works with a inner master tube that is 1.125OD and 1"ID)
Designed with the movie version in mind and with some updated options.
the kit is customizable so you get to pick the parts and options you would like on it.
options include-
Pop mech tube- this slides into the inner master tube and makes the POP possible.
pop mech catch- this is needed, but in case some people wanted to do their own version we decided to make it a option. this option includes the catch, nuts and stop lever.
if you did not get A Pop tube from us and need it to have a slit put in it we can do it.  there will be a small fee the upgrade is making a slit in the front of the tube and natural you must mail us your tube

Springs or rubber bands-
This Option allows you to pick springs or rubber bands, or both.
there are advantages and disadvantages to both,
rubber bands go on quick and easy, but have a chance of breaking over time.
the spring, wont break but can stretch out over time and a little bit more of adjustment needed to install. springs also give a stronger pop which can eventually cause your clear tube to break (the screen used guns had this same issue)

to help prevent clear tubes from breaking, we offer a inner clear tube support, this helps to reinforce where the screw to hold the clear tube in place.

Lever - 
the lever is the rod that is between the trigger box and instrument bar, the pop mech attaches onto this bar, (a small knob is used to hold on the lever rod, this is the knob that sits above the large knob on the heat sink side of the gun body)
this is available as steel (movie accurate) or brass, only one needed per gun.

For install guides please see this link

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