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Special Programs

We have three programs available at this point, commission works, trade in, and Restock runs.

"Commission Works" Program
you want something we don't make you you want something custom, just click the contact us, and fill in the form, letting us know what you want, we will contact you to hash out the details.

"Trade-In" Program

Here's a brief explanation about the program:

- You can trade in your vintage toys and/or merchandise, along with video games, and other collectibles towards credit for FreekyGeeky items.

Let's say you have been keeping an eye on some of the items on the FreekyGeeky website, and we understand the current economy can be tight. That said, now let's throw out there that you happen to be at a yard sale, or flea market, and you come across a box of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, video games, etc., you were able to pick them up rather cheap. You could then trade those items in for FreekyGeeky items!

What would the items "Trade-In" for?

- To judge value we take the current market selling value
- We also look at how many of that particular item we have in stock, and/or how fast it is moving from our inventory... think of a "supply/demand" type scenario
- We then try and create a fair value for each item while keeping in mind we have to resell these items to make money
- Each item would have a different value

Every "Trade-In" is handled different. Any items will be traded in for parts we fabricate upon request.

How to trade in:

If you have items you are interested in trading, just fill out our form located here .We will look over it and we will review it as soon as possible. If you are not sure about the value of an item(s) that you have, you can also still send us a list and we can negotiate the value.

"Restock Run" Program

'How does it work', you ask?? Well, let us explain:

- When we go to restock a part, we will post a message on our facebook page of the part that we are getting ready to restock.

- You can reply to the post to sign up on the run, which will guarantee that you get a part without having to worry about the website running out of said part.

- Another advantage (and this is the best yet!), you get a 10% discount on that part!

- There are two catches:
1. This deal will only be available for this page
2. And the sign up is only for the first 48 hours
from the time that the post is made.

Be sure to keep an eye on Freekygeekys Facebook Page