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Welded Front Handle

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handle options
welded front handle [+$60.00]
inner master tube [+$20.00]
Mill out back of ear [+$10.00]
drill 1/8 hole though left ear [+$7.00]
Add Screws
Add grip mount screws [+$0.50]
Add 10/32 screw (used to hold handle to inner master tube) [+$0.25]

Here we have our welded handles.

The welded handles have all three ears welded to the handle
The left ear has a weld that goes all the way around the ear (movie accurate)
The right ear has a weld that goes on the top, bottom and front (movie accurate)
And a weld at the top and bottom of the grip lock (movie accurate)

Buyer can add the inner master tube as a option, the inner master tube is used attach the front handle to a gun body, keeping up movie accuracy the inner master tube is tube that is made to fit inside the front handle, and rotate freely, a slit is made into the tube that allows the front handle to twist and not go to far. The screw on the handle slides in this grove and also is used to keep the handle in place.

all our inner master tubes have the slot milled in to work with our pop mechs. 

Another option is we can mill out the back of the right ear, so there is even more room. while this is not movie accurate it is a nice touch to allow a bit more space.

we also can drill a hole though the left ear for you if your planing on having a light in the tip of the clear tube and want to run the wires like the movies.

have a TCv3 resin gun body want to upgrade your front handle assemble? these handles also fit his body with no problem.

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